Information about Wedshare by Wedshed


Wedshare is a place to buy, sell and rent pre-loved wedding goods.

Sharing is caring - for the planet, for the community and for your bank balance. We set up Wedshare as a way for couples to pass on much-loved garments and items used for their weddings to future couples on the same journey.

Wedshare is brought to you by the team behind Wedshed - a digital platform helping couples plan amazing, personal weddings since 2015. In 2020 we set up a Facebook group for couples called Wedchat by Wedshed - an inclusive space to help people navigate getting married during a pandemic. The group has since grown to 20,000+ members, many of whom were looking for a dedicated, uncluttered channel to pass on gowns, accessories, centrepieces and other wedding-related items. Enter, this here marketplace.

We believe weddings are less about the flashy soirees and traditions of the past and more about people coming together to celebrate connection (while having a damn fine time, might we add). It's about *you*, not *new*. When we Wedshare, we all win - the buyer, the seller and the earth.