Information about Wedshare by Wedshed

How it works

How it works + Pricing

Wedshare by Wedshed is free to use and post items. 

However if you'd like to safely transact via Wedshare we charge a small 5% fee on items sold. Part of this is a Stripe transaction fee (1.75% + 30c), as well as account fees to enable secure payouts directly to your bank account. 

What this means? If you sell an item valued at $50, you'll receive $47.50 and Wedshare retains $2.50 to cover our fees. There are no additional hidden fees and it's free to list as many items on Wedshare as you please.

Please note if you use cash in person or Paypal we can't assist in returning the funds. 

For buyers

1. Browse through Wedshare's collection of items.

2. Connect with sellers by directly messaging within Wedshare, or by asking a question on an item's public comment wall.

3. When you're satisfied with the item, create an account and securely purchase within Wedshare

To help promote your safety, we encourage you to review the following tips for buying and selling responsibly, in addition to using your best judgment:
- Review the seller's profile (do they have a profile picture?), have they provided a full description?
Do they have 'real' looking images, not just models?
- Interact on the comment thread

4. These funds are held securely by Wedshed (via Stripe payment platform) until you make the order as 'complete'. We recommend you do this once you have tracking information from the seller or have received the item. We cannot return funds once you have marked the order as completed.

5. As above, once you are satisfied and have 'completed' the order, the funds will be cleared to the seller.

* Please note there are no refunds for change of mind - you may re-list the item (similar to Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree). If the item is not as described, contact the seller and dispute the transaction within the settings. We will review and make a decision once satisfied - we cannot provide a timeline on how long this will take. There are currently no buyer protections in place if you have cleared the funds. We will not be able to return your funds if they have been cleared. 

If you see any signs of suspicious activity, immediately cancel the transaction and report the person to our team - 

Start browsing products on Wedshare here

For sellers

1. Get started by creating an account

2. Go to 'Settings' and ensure your bank account details are configured correctly (so that funds from the sale of your item/s will be sent to you).

3. Click 'Post a new listing' and follow the prompts. Please ensure the following: 

  • Provide actual images of the product, not just model or brand photos
  • Be sure to point out any flaws or defects 
  • Provide any additional information about timing or pick up location

4. Once the item is live, respond to any comments or messages. 

5. When a buyer has purchased the item, their funds are held securely by Wedshed (via Stripe) until the buyer has received a tracking code from you/has received the item and the purchase is marked completed. 

If the item is not as described, the buyer has the right to dispute the transaction and we will continue to hold the funds while a review takes place. We cannot guarantee any timelines in regards to how long the review will take. 

Get started selling by setting up an account here